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Theft and Vandalism Damage Claims

The emotional tumult from theft or vandalism can be terrible. The crime itself will often make you feel unsafe in your own home and in fear that it can happen again. You also have to deal with reporting the event to the police and cope with personal property stolen or destroyed as a result. It is critical that you report the loss to the police as soon as possible and an incident report is filed at the time of the crime. The police report is often the centerpiece when it comes to presenting the claim to your insurance company and asserting coverage under your insurance policy. Please also keep in mind that certain insurance policies don’t cover theft or burglary unless you have a security system in place.

You as the policyholder have the duty to make sure the police has the necessary information pertaining to the crime at your property. Begin to catalog your damage, and make a list of missing or damaged property. Ideally you would have a list of valuables before the loss occurred or photographs of high value items. If you do not, you should consider making a list or an inventory of your belongings should you this ever happen to you as this will help you sort through what is missing and the amount of your loss when it comes to reporting the loss to both the authorities and the insurance company.

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