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Windstorm Damage Claims

A windstorm (tropical storm, hurricane, or tornado) can cause damage to both the exterior and interior of your property. Often the wind will damage the roof system, or cause trees or other windblown debris to fall or otherwise damage the structure of a property. This can result in severe interior water intrusion and resulting damage. Interior water damage is commonly seen to ceilings, walls, cabinets, and floors, but also to the contents inside the property (furniture, clothing, electronic devices, or other personal belongings). It is important to quickly assess and mitigate the damages and inform the insurance company of the loss. All too often we see a valid claim denied because it was not communicated to the insurance company in a timely manner.

Haahr Law Group often finds that these types of wind related damages are denied because the insurance company will inform the owner that the roof was old, and the damage was simply due to normal wear and tear. It is important for the owner to understand that an older roof that wasn’t leaking prior to the loss is covered the same as a new roof. We also encounter many denials asserting the wind event did not create an opening to the roof or wall through which the water entered. If you have questions as to whether the claim was properly denied, please contact Haahr Law Group for a free windstorm damage claim consultation.

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