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Commercial Law

If you own or represent a business, you will be aware of the liabilities your company is exposed to on a daily basis. As civil law attorneys, we are here to help you form your corporation with robust protective measures. When you set up your company the right way, you are best positioned for success when a dispute or legal issue arises.

For commercial litigation cases, or any matter pertaining to business law, call for your attorney to bring a solid business acumen to the table in addition to business law knowledge. As independent business owners since 2005, we at Haahr Law Group understand the challenges business owners face, and for that reason, we are positioned to provide legal solutions with an awareness for how your business operates.

Contract issues are the most frequent cases seen in our commercial litigation practice, particularly breach of contract, and collections. Construction litigation and real estate disputes are also highly common.

When a business dispute arises, call your counsel sooner rather than later.

If a business relationship encounters a significant disagreement, your engagement of a litigation lawyer early on can mean a more quickly negotiated and favorable agreement. By providing you with commercial counsel long before you might consider filing a lawsuit, we can help you evaluate from a legal perspective, steering the disagreement towards a constructive outcome. That means reduction in on-going business friction and expenses, and allows your company to get back to your thriving enterprise.

When commercial litigation cannot be avoided…

In those cases where an escalation of a dispute requires the filing of a civil lawsuit, we provide meticulous evaluation and preparation, and experience-based strategy. Whether your case can be resolved in mediation or arbitration, or your case goes to State or Federal court, you are represented by a tenured litigation attorney. Your best interests form the basis of our relationship, and we are committed to seeking the most optimal resolution for your business.

We work for local businesses throughout Tampa Bay and the surrounding area. If you need legal representation or advice, there is no need to hire in-house counsel, or to be a small client at a large firm. Whether you seek advice on the business structure, contract negotiation, or have a commercial or construction litigation question or dispute, call us today.


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Commercial Law or Business Law is often considered a branch of Civil Law and applies to the rights, relations, and conduct of businesses and business owners. Not only do we strive to help solve problems arising from business relationships, including litigation in state and federal courts, and before administrative agencies, mediators and arbitrators.