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Civil Litigation

If you need to resolve a legal dispute, hiring a civil litigation attorney is your first step. By the time you embark on any civil procedure, you have likely already experienced frustration, lost time, and incurred mounting expenses. That’s why we specialize in securing optimal resolutions, as efficiently as possible.  

When you engage Haahr Law Group to represent you or your firm, you are choosing litigators with experience-backed civil litigation expertise expertise that allows us to anticipate hurdles, and readies us to develop legal strategies that win.

Experienced Civil Litigation Attorney

We bring extensive civil lawsuit experience in commercial disputes particularly in the areas of  construction, real estate, property, insurance and landlord/tenant disagreements. Contract disputes, including breach of contract, are frequently handled by our civil litigation team, from the straight-forward to the complex.

Get Insurance Dispute Help

Insurance claim disputes are a key focus of our civil litigation practice. We represent individuals and business never the insurance companies. We have secured successful outcomes for those insured yet denied payment for flood, sinkhole, wind and fire damage, including hurricane and tropical storm victims. Additionally, we offer legal assistance to those experiencing delays or denials from automobile and personal injury insurance companies. If you have an unresolved insurance claim, be it an unpaid or only partially paid claim, call us for an evaluation. Learn about our specialization in this complex area of civil law, and how we can help you obtain the money you are owed.

Florida Civil Litigation

At Haahr Law Group, we represent businesses and individuals with the goal of reaching an agreement or settlement through mediation, arbitration and through other alternative dispute resolution means. Escalation can be unavoidable, and for those instances, we plan meticulously to bring your civil lawsuit to a successful trial in the State and Federal courts, and, if necessary to appeal.

Since 2005, we pride ourselves on being accessible to and focused on our clients. If you or your business need a civil lawyer, adept at handling contract and insurance disputes, no matter the stage of litigation process, we are ready to talk to you.

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In both business and personal affairs, a civil dispute can often put a wedge between the relationship of two opposing parties. At Haahr Law Group, we are known for developing innovative and effective strategies for resolving these often emotionally draining civil disputes through out-of-court remedies and solutions.