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What You Should Know About Commercial Property Claims

Haahr Law Group specializes in helping business owners and property owners with the many issues associated with making a claim to their insurance company. After a loss, you want to resume business operations as soon as possible. We have experience dealing with the insurance company’s valuation and interpretation of policy provisions which often results in underpayment of a loss, partial or full denial of coverage.

commercial property claims- tampa bay insurance attorneys

Get help with your commercial insurance claim

Types of Coverages a commercial insurance policy may cover are property damage, loss of income, professional liability, business interruption, commercial vehicle coverage (collision, liability, property and equipment damage, personal injury and comprehensive), and expenses, etc.

Guidance when your commercial insurance claim is denied or underpaid

When an insurance company delays, underpays or denies your insurance claim it can cause a major disruption in the daily business. At Haahr Law Group we know because we have personally been through the claims process. An insurance company is a business and operates for a profit. We help provide assistance with presenting the claim to the insurance company to improve the likelihood of a fair and timely resolution. If that is not possible, we provide our clients with the insight and assistance they need to take legal action against their insurance company.

Unless we recover payment on your claim, you pay nothing

Few people understand that in Florida the policyholder can recover their legal fees and costs if they prevail in a lawsuit against their insurance company. This is why Haahr Law Group represents property owners on contingency fee retainer agreements. Unless we recover payment on our client’s claim, there is no legal fee.

Below are some of the most common types of losses that can occur to a commercial property. If you have an insurance loss to your property, please contact us to discuss.

Windstorm Damage

Hail Damage

Water Damage

Fire and Smoke Damage

Theft and Vandalism Damage

Sinkhole Damage

Total Loss and Florida’s Valued Policy Law

Automobile Property Damage