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How to Decide Whether to Hire An Insurance Attorney

When you are the victim of home damage caused by weather, theft, or criminal acts, you want to know you can count on your homeowner’s insurance policy to correct the problems. Filing an insurance claim and negotiating with your carrier can be overwhelming. Insurance law and the process of reimbursement can be confusing and complicated. How do you know when to hire an insurance attorney?


Benefits of Hiring an Insurance Attorney

It is easy to become overwhelmed when dealing with the aftermath of home damage and insurance reimbursements. Having an insurance attorney on your side has many benefits.

Reduced Stress: Dealing with home damage, insurance companies and adjusters, as well as any resulting legal case can be stressful. Hiring an insurance attorney can help you navigate the loss assessment, policy, laws faster and easier, and provide the necessary support to you and your family.

Knowledge of Insurance Law: An experienced lawyer understands the legalities and requirements surrounding your case, saving you time and ensuring that your rights are protected. In addition, an insurance attorney will help provide objectivity to the process, helping you avoid a rash or emotional decision for a quick payout for less than you are owed.

Litigation Assistance: Your insurance lawyer will act as your advocate, aggressively negotiating on your behalf. A qualified attorney should have experience working with large insurance companies and will not be intimidated or feel pressured by their tactics.

Improved Settlements: When an insurance lawyer helps negotiate on your behalf, insurance companies are more likely to agree to fair settlements. Having a lawyer helps you improve your chances of receiving adequate reimbursement faster than handling the case privately.

When to Hire an Insurance Attorney

There are times when you can file a claim with your insurance carrier and get reimbursed quickly. Minor issues, small repairs, and a timely response from your insurance agent can mean an easy resolution to your problems. Some disputes can be handled without the help of an attorney, if you are comfortable negotiating with the insurance company and familiar with the laws surrounding your case. Before deciding to handle the case personally, be honest about what you are capable of and understand what is at stake.

For homeowners insurance issues that involve large amounts of damage, when issues or disputes arise, or you feel there are any bad faith practices, contacting an insurance attorney can help ensure your rights are protected. If you find the situation becoming increasingly complicated, if you don’t understand the laws or the policy details, or if you feel intimidated by the insurance company or their representatives, it is probably time to contact an insurance lawyer to represent you.

Contacting an insurance attorney for your insurance claim can benefit you in many ways. While handling the insurance claim and negotiating yourself is possible, there are some issues that may arise that could necessitate an insurance lawyer to represent your interests. We recommend attending examinations under oath “EUO” with an experienced attorney. The insurance company generally set these type of examinations in order to investigate a basis to deny coverage for your loss. The examinations are often conducted by an attorney retained on your insurance company’s behalf and will not have your interest at heart.

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